INDONESIAN HOMEMADE BEVERAGE: Coconut Nectar Iced Coffee Recipes

Homemade Coconut Nectar Iced Coffee Recipes

Iced coffee with Realsa coconut sugar nectar

Start your day with this mouth watering Coconut Nectar Iced Coffee. It is light and refreshing.
This delightful blend of coffee and coconut nectar is sweetened naturally with low-glycemic coconut sugar, this delicate Iced coffee is perfect for thirst-quenching your day. 



  • Realsa coconut sugar nectar 20 ml
  • Creamer 30 ml
  • Ice cubes 150gr
  • Fresh milk 60 ml
  • Espresso coffee 30 ml


  1. Prepare your favorite glass
  2. Pour 20 ml of Realsa coconut sugar nectar into the glass
  3. After that, add 150 gr ice cubes
  4. Prepare 30ml of creamer, then pour it into the glass
  5. Add 60 ml of fresh milk, you can use your favorite brand of milk. If you love almonds, you can also replace them with almond milk with the same amount
  6. Then, add 30 ml of espresso coffee. You can use any kind of coffee that you like
  7. Coconut Nectar Iced Coffee is ready to be served!

It is simple and easy to make at home and office, isn’t it? The ingredients are easy to find in stores. If you want to purchase Realsa Coconut Sugar Nectar, you can purchase it via our website, email, skype, or WhatsApp. Our marketing team is pleased to serve you.

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