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Organic Coconut Sugar Supplier

The question that is often on the minds of most people when looking for coconut sugar is whether this sweetener is healthy or not? We would love to say that coconut sugar is healthy.

Organic Coconut Sugar is an organic sweetener with a light brown to dark granular texture. It is very easy to melt this type of sugar which is as soft as cane sugar but richer in flavor. With a hint of caramel, this organic coconut sugar works great with chocolate. Making it perfect for adding ingredients to desserts, drinks, or bakery products.

organic coconut sugar supplier
organic coconut sugar supplier

You can simply replace the amount of cane in your recipe with coconut sugar to create a product of the same quality with a richer taste and intense sweetness.

In addition, we make coconut sugar from coconut sap which is nutrient-dense. Coconut sugar retains several valuable nutrients, including magnesium, potassium, zinc, and iron. It will be very important when you care about the quality of your health. It’s also organic, which means it’s actually a less addictive sweet treat with lower calories for the same volume as cane sugar.

Coconut Sugar Supplier

organic coconut sugar supplier
Indonesian ambassador appreciated coconut sugar export from realsa natural

Coconut sugar is so-called Gula Jawa—which means Javanese Sugar—in Indonesia without any reason. By the history, coconut sugar had been produced in Java, Indonesia’s southernmost island, since a long time ago. There are 2 sweeteners, they are coconut sugar and arenga sugar. Coconut sugar comes from coconut tree sap, while palm sugar is made from palm tree sap.

For the Javanese people, coconut sugar is not only a commodity with economic value. But also a tradition that continues to this day. Nowadays, especially in the southern part of Java with a well-preserved environment. It is easy to find farmers who planted coconut trees and produced coconut sugar.

Most Javanese farmers produce sugar traditionally. Our farmers harvest nectar directly from coconut trees by climbing them twice a day, in the morning and evening. They should immediately boil that nectar in a large big pan on a wood-fired stove until it thickens.

This traditional method has amazingly attracted our interest in 2014. We discover that coconut farmers get difficulties in selling their products to the market. We tried to figure it out by discussing it with local farmers, hence we formed REALSA in the same year to open the export market for coconut sugar products. REALSA buys local farmers’ products at a fair price. As we respect farmers, we also value nature that has raised us. This is the reason why we call ourselves REALSA, which stands for “Rezeki Alam Semesta” which means sustenance of the universe. Since the very first time, we have prioritized natural and organic health products as our main concern as a tribute to our motherland.

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REALSA Products

organic coconut nectar

REALSA only uses eco-friendly methods to run REALSA’s products. We maintain our traditional processing rooted in hereditary culture, and also modernize and substitute methods that can damage the environment with more eco-friendly ways.

Farmers and nature are our kind-hearted guests to treat as kings; speak genteel, proper, and respectful, and serve them as best we can. To make this happen, we also work with various charitable, environmental, and humanitarian projects.

Product List

Organic Granule Coconut Sugar

Organic Granule Coconut Sugar is an organic sweetener with a light to dark brown granulated texture. It is easy to melt soft granulated sugar as well as cane sugar but richer in flavor. With a slightly like caramel aroma, this organic coconut sugar works particularly well alongside chocolate, making it suitable for adding ingredients to desserts, beverages, or bakery products.

Coconut Nectar Syrup

Realsa’s Nectar Arenga Sugar is our natural organic arenga sugar liquid made from hand-tapped golden nectar of coconut palm blossoms. Coconut palms have been traditionally tapped for their sweet nectar for centuries throughout the tropics, especially in Indonesia. Arenga nectar sugar is suitable for any food and beverages. It has the lowest glycemic index, is highly nutritious, ecologically beneficial, and provides continuous energy with a pleasant sweet taste. There are no artificial additives, flavorings, or preservatives of any kind in our products.

Spices Coconut Sugar

Coconut Sugar Spices is a super healthy natural sweetener consisting of coconut sap which we combine with natural spices that have undergone an extraction process. We release with six variants, this is our new product that comes to your wish list. Our Spice Coconut Sugar consists of several types, namely: Spices Mixed Coconut Sugar, Cinnamon Coconut Sugar, Ginger Coconut Sugar, Turmeric Coconut Sugar, Temulawak Coconut Sugar, and Lemongrass Coconut Sugar.

Organic Arenga Sugar

Pleasant taste and aroma suites in sweetening your cup of coffee or garnishing cakes. That is our Natural Arenga Coconut Sugar, a natural with dark brown granulated texture sweetener. Here, we would walk you through why you should consider this delicious and appealing product made by arenga tree sap as your multi-functional sweeteners. Natural Arenga Sugar is a fine granulated form sweet easily to be melted or diluted. The product gives you the most convenience in food applications. With the same ratio of volume and weight as crystallized cane sugar. Arenga sugar comes with a strong aroma and unique taste is excellent for baking, chocolate making, or sweetening beverages. Having a sweet brown color, Natural Arenga Coconut Sugar is also suitable for garnishing cakes, dishes, shakes, or smoothies. It can replace your table sugar in a 1:1 ratio making it easy to make a transition.

The Best Coconut Sugar Supplier

organic coconut nectar
Product preparation for shipping

We carry out strict controls on all details of the production process to ensure all goods’ quality obtained by both parties is stable. In order to maintain this control, we go hand in hand with a team of Internal Control System (ICS).

Among these farmers, we also placed a number of coordinators to collect the goods. Through these coordinators, the farmers’ products are distributed to our warehouse. We do the product selection process and packing on that site. This integrated supply chain made our day works with ease.

REALSA works with facilities that comply with GMP standards. We make long-term investments in various infrastructures to ensure consistent quality and adequate quantity of each product as well as the best packaging with modern hygienic manufacturing techniques.

As additional information, our products’ quality and purity have been ensured to be one of the best on the market based on the results of independent laboratory tests in Indonesia. We also have a number of international certifications to confirm the quality of our products.

What we believe is, trust is the highest value in our business. In order to gain that trust, we invite you to visit REALSA’s warehouse to make sure our products are worth having. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

coconut sugar
Corporate Social Responsibility

Coconut is a remarkable commodity. It makes sense since it plays a crucial role in our daily life, especially in tropical countries. Its fruit and sap are gifted with beneficial nutrients and minerals, as well as its leaf, stock, and trunk are important for building materials.

For Indonesian, coconut trees are known as the tree of life because almost every part of the tree grows for purposes. This is so philosophical; a philosophy we want to emphasize in REALSA by implementing our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Our CSR is the company’s commitment to managing the social, environmental, and economic effects of the responsibility of its operation based on public expectation. Our first priority is our farmers and their families as well as the company’s local communities.

We manage training, interactive seminar, socialization, and guidance on how to manage finances to develop farmers, their families, and local communities quality of life. Moreover, we also commit to giving good quality of education, economic, health, and sustainability for our beloved farmers.

Hold on to what we believe, educating farmers on the value and standards of sustainability, environmentally-friendly and organic practices would increase their quality. It should also become our concern since it would increase their income.

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