Social Responsibility

Introduction to Realsa’s Corporate Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Coconut is a remarkable commodity. It makes sense since it plays crucial roles in our daily life, especially for tropical countries. Its fruit and sap are gifted with beneficial nutrients and mineral, as well as its leaf, stock, and trunk are important for building materials.

For Indonesian, coconut trees are known as the tree of life because almost every part of the tree grows for purposes. This is so philosophical; a philosophy we want to emphasize it in REALSA by implementing our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Our CSR is company’s commitment to managing the social, environmental, and economic effects of the responsibility of its operation based on public expectation. Our first priority is our farmers and their families as well as company’s local communities.

We manage several training, interactive seminar, socialization, and guidance on how to manage finances to develop farmers, their families, and local communities’ quality of life. Moreover, we also commit to give good quality of education, economic, health, and sustainability for our beloved farmers.

Hold on what we believe, educating farmers on the value and standards of sustainability, environmentally-friendly and organic practices would increase their quality. It should also become our concern since it would increase their income.

Santrendelik, Our Pilot Project

Some say, people who are educated mentally, socially, and cognitively, would be more receptive to technology and adaptive to various changes. That is why we tried to focus our project on educational and social responsibility.

Our main pilot project is Santrendelik, a weekly public learning community held on Thursday evening. Every week we hold a discussion on a specific theme for the local community. We also invite experts as sources of discussion and mediators.

Held for approximately three hours, hopefully this discussion could ignite opinions as well as educate them. Santrendelik would support local community’s intelligence by sparking their critical thinking. Hence, this would be the first, since we would also clone similar projects in other places hereafter.

Furthermore, we do believe a delight and lively farmers produce the first-rate product. Instead of Santrendelik, there are some public programs in our CSR, such as learning center for children and youth center.

For farmers, we would also organize organic sugar training center, interactive seminar, and tapping practices. We hope that would be plenty programs implemented with these farmers. Feel free to join us!

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