Goals and Dream

Our Farmers & Community

Decades of being a coconut farmer does not necessarily make them prosperous. This is the very first fact we discovered at the time we interacted with hundreds of farmers lived in Banyumas. It really hurts, considering that the selling price of coconut sugar is actually high enough in international market.

As social beings, of course we would love to help them restore their pride as farmers, particularly a coconut sugar supplier. That was why we meant to act as their bridge, connecting farmers to the outside world and giving them something that they may never have imagined before, namely a fair trade.


It would be naive to say if we are not looking for profit. However, business is a give and take relationship between sellers and buyers with transactions that do not mistreat each other. As two parties who need each other, we want to grow and achieve dreams with farmers.

As we respect farmers, we also value nature has raised us. This is the reason why we call ourselves REALSA, which stands for “Rejeki Alam Semesta” means sustenance of the universe. Since the very first time, we have prioritized natural and organic healthy products as our main concern as a tribute to our motherland.

REALSA’s products

We only use eco-friendly methods to run REALSA’s products. We maintain our traditional processing rooted in hereditary culture, and also modernize and substitute methods that can damage the environment with more eco-friendly ways.

Farmers and nature are our kind-hearted guests to treat as kings; speak genteel, proper, and respectful, and serve them as best we can. To make this happen, we also work with various charitable, environmental, and humanitarian projects. 

A great happiness happens when we achieve it together, isn’t it? 

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