Organic Coconut Sugar

What is Organic Coconut Sugar?

The question that is often on the minds of most people while looking for coconut sugar is whether this sweetener is healthy or not? We would terribly love to be able to say coconut sugar is healthy. 

Organic Granule Coconut Sugar is an organic sweetener with a light to dark brown granulated texture. It is easy to melt soft granulated sugar as well as cane sugar but richer in flavour. With a slightly like caramel aroma, this organic coconut sugar works particularly well alongside chocolate, make it suitable for adding ingredient to desserts, beverages, or bakery products.

You could simply replace the quantities of cane on your recipe to coconut sugar to make the same quality product with a richer flavour and intense sweetness.

Moreover, because coconut sugar is made from the nutrient-dense coconut sap, it retains some valuable nutrients, including magnesium, potassium, zinc and iron. It would really matters when you care about the quality of your health. It is also organics, which means it is actually a less addictive sweet stuff with a lower in calories for the same volume as cane sugar.

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How it's made

The sun is shining, the day is bright and the coconut trees are flowing their best nectars to make Realsa’s most popular sweetener product, Organic Premium Pure Coconut Sugar. This coconut sugar has been pre-selected from the moment they were harvested through quality assessment of the liquid sap, and onto delicate cooking process that required skills and attention from the farmer in order to not lose their quality sap from overcooking or other mishandling. Quality and consistency, in every batch.

Our coconut farmers harvest coconut flower nectar juice (Neera) twice a day. We then boil the nectar juice until it thickens and changes color from clear to brown, then goes through the granulation process by hand and other processes according to specifications.

Common Misconception

Coconut sugar is sometimes confused with Brown, Aren, or Arenga Sugar to the naked eye. The Arenga sugar is another type of sweetener that derives from a different kind of palm tree (Arenga Pinnata) and yield a very distinctly different product. Arenga wears a much darker brown colour, sometimes appearing black-tinted (thus its common name in some places, ‘Black Sugar Palm’); coconut sugar owns a brown that ranges from bright yellow to reddish brown. In aroma, coconut sugar also displays caramel aroma notes not found in Arenga Sugar. The same caramel notes in sweetness is found in coconut sugar that are not found in Arenga sugar.


Our coconut sugars come in soft granulate form that gives the most convenience in food application. They dilute and melt easily, and are not easy to burn. No more sugar cane caramel failures! Coconut caramel guarantees cooking success while keeping the blood sugar low.

Excellent for: Baking, chocolate making, confectionaries, beverages, coffee and teas
Application: 1:1 ratio sugar cane crystals substitute, both in volume and weight
Colours: Light brown, yellow to brown, brown
Tastes like: Soft sweet wit hint caramel
Smells: soft unique palm sugar aroma with caramel
Glycemic Index (GI): 35
Diabetic friendliness: Very friendly

Quick Spec:

Ingredient: Organic coconut nectar sap
Product name: Organic Coconut Sugar

Botanical name: Cocos Nucifera
Part used: Liquid sap
Appearance: Granulated texture

Odour: Coconut characteristic
Colour: Yellow or brown
Granulation: Mesh #16 – 18
Brix: 84 °Bx
Solubility: 98-99% dry
Glycemic Index (GI): 35


Shelf life: 2 Years
Origin: Indonesia
Product HS Code: 1702.90.99.00
Certified Organic by: Ecocert

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