Our Products

Welcome to our organic sweeteners world! It’s located in the Indonesian Archipelago of 17,508 islands. Yes, we are blessed to be here, but still, we’re also working hard to make you feel closer to Indonesia’s sweetest gift. Don’t be hasty, take a couple of moments to explore our product offerings.

What our customer says about our products

Customer satisfaction is the most joyful thing that makes us happy. We are glad to have some of their testimonials on our products and services.

"Realsa is one of our best suppliers for organic food products. The quality of their sugar never changes, it is stable"

Kate - USA

"Only Realsa can make us feel comfortable in having a business relationship with a new company in Indonesia. All staff are very helpful and friendly"

Amora - Netherland

"The things that make us very careful in choosing suppliers is credibility & trustworthiness. Realsa prove that they are a trusted & credible supplier"

Ricardo - Spain

"This Coconut Sugar is a new product for us. Even though it's only a small trial order, the service is very great"

Anna - Greece