How To Tap Coconut Sap

The coconut tree is frequently referred to as the “Tree of Life” due to the many advantages and useful resources it provides. Coconut sugar, manufactured from the sap gathered from the blooms of the coconut tree, is one of these goods. The stages of harvesting this sap are essential for making coconut sugar during the process. Let’s look at the explanation for how farmers are tapping coconut sap.

Tapping Coconut Sap

Tapping coconut sap is the process of collecting the nectar that gently drips from flower buds or inflorescences when a stem incision is done. These flower buds, which are where the sap is produced, often appear in the middle of the palm fronds. The nectar is collected and placed into a Pongkor, a bamboo container, where it is stored for hours. To create coconut sugar, coconut sap must be collected 2-4 times per day. 

Learn About The Right Coconut Tree 

It would be a good idea for us to determine the kind of tree that is used specifically for the tapping procedure of coconut sap before we get started. Coconut trees from which sap is extracted generally do not bear fruit because the flowers have been processed to extract the liquid they generate. It takes on the name “sap tree.” It will however go on producing flowers.

The age of the tree is significant for tapping coconut sap; appropriate trees for this include coconut trees between the ages of 5 and 20. Due to the fact that trees that are too young or elderly will not produce enough sap.

The Tapping Process 

Here’s step by step to tap coconut sap: 

  1. Cut the bud

The first thing to consider is the sharpness and cleanliness of the tapping knife used to trim the flower buds. Then, pick a healthy, unopened flower bud that has not yet opened to tap. Typically, these buds can be found among the fronds. To cut a flower bud, make an incision that is 5 to 10 cm long and deep enough to produce sap.

  1. Collecting the sap

Leave the cut open and place it into a pongkor for hours until it slowly drips the sap from flower buds.

Tapping coconut sap is not only a traditional practice but also a sustainable way to harness nature’s sweetness. Farmers give the art of tapping careful thought. chosen from the best sources to produce things of value. The Realsa Coconut Sugar product, for example, is made from the best sap and provides you with wonderful, healthy sweetness at home. Are you interested in the sweetness of the sap coconut product? Check out our products and stay updated on our social media for more!

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