You must have this kind of problem with overripe banana. You must know this fact! Overripe banana is full of goodness! Overripe banana is said to be rich in antioxidant which is good for your body. You don’t have to get rid your overripe banana, just make something out of it! Here, we have recipe …


INDONESIAN HOMEMADE BEVERAGE: Coconut Nectar Iced Coffee Recipes

Homemade Coconut Nectar Iced Coffee Recipes Start your day with this mouth watering Coconut Nectar Iced Coffee. It is light and refreshing. This delightful blend of coffee and coconut nectar is sweetened naturally with low-glycemic coconut sugar, this delicate Iced coffee is perfect for thirst-quenching your day.  COCONUT NECTAR ICED COFFEE (1 portion) Ingredients: Realsa …

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Healthy Recipe: Indonesian Batagor

BATAGOR (Fried Dumplings with Coconut Sugar Peanut Sauce) Batagor is a traditional food from Indonesia. It is a fried meatball, dumplings, tofu, and chopped cucumbers that is served with peanut sauce. Even it is fried dumpling, it doesn’t mean that it is unhealthy. You can make your own version of Batagor, especially if you want …

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