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Coconut Sugar vs Arenga Sugar, are they different?

Sugar vs Arenga – Coconut sugar and arenga sugar are tropical Asia palms. They come from a palm tree family. Despite coming from the same family, it doesn’t mean that they are the same. They are actually different even most people often mistake these two plants as the same.

Coconut sugar is a sugar product from coconut tree sap. It is harvested by tapping the flower sap coconut tree. It is the same tree we usually find at the beach. The farmers climb and harvest the flower sap. This sap is the main ingredient in producing coconut sugar.

While Arenga granule sugar is sugar that is produced from arenga tree sap. It comes from the trunks of the palm. Arenga has unique and different fruit from coconut, it is smaller and people usually use these fruits to make snacks. Farmers harvest the sap from the trunks of palm tree, then they make it into arenga granule sugar.

What about the flavor?
If you are aiming the taste, coconut sugar has a softer taste and aroma than arenga. The taste butterscotch caramel taste in coconut sugar makes it softer than arenga. While the arenga has a stronger taste and aroma. That is why the arenga granule is suitable for making coffee or garnish.

Furthermore, it all depends on your choice. Who is the best? Coconut Sugar vs ArengaThe best product is a product that we use according to the recipe and the dose.

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