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Indonesian Ambassadors in Several European Countries Highly Appreciated the Successful of Realsa Natural

Banyumas, Monday, December 13, 2021– Realsa Natural conducted a release ceremony of natural coconut sugar export to Spain. This event is supported by the Indonesian Ministry of Trade, the Indonesian embassies in Madrid, Brussels, and The Hague. This release ceremony of natural coconut sugar export to Spain was taking place online via Zoom Meeting.

This export release ceremony marked the first shipment of one container of natural coconut sugar to Spain. This shipment is one out of a total of 24 containers of natural coconut sugar per year. This transaction is worth 1 million euros, or 1,6 billion Rupiah. And then would increase as the demand in Spain increases.

In the future, Realsa Natural with Four Trade B.V. will supply natural coconut sugar continuously. The supply to Spain with a contract of 400 tons of coconut sugar per year. However, This contract would likely increase over time depending on the coconut sugar demand in Spain.

Mr. Muhammad Najib, ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia for Spain, was hoping this release ceremony could motivate Indonesian producers. It is to boost the export of Indonesian products to the global market. “Hopefully this export can be followed by other products from Indonesia,” Mr. Muhammad Najib said.

The Opportunities

According to Mr. Andri Hadi, ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia for Belgium, Luxembourg, and the European Union, Spanish consumers expect much. Especially for the highest level of food quality. Moreover, if exporters from Indonesia can meet the demand, it will be easier to open the global market.

The trade attaché of the Republic of Indonesia in Spain, Mrs. Novita Sari, stated that this natural coconut sugar export was a remarkable achievement for Indonesian products in the Spanish market. The European market, especially the Spanish market, is a tough market to penetrate. Indonesian products must comply with regulations and requirements from the buyers to enter the Spain market. This is a very good starting point. Hopefully, this can be a starting point for great national export development, “said Mrs. Novita Sari.

Based on statistics data from Agencia Tributaria, product exports of HS 17290 (Sugar, Nesoi, Including Invert Sugar and Invert Syrup) until September 2021 was worth USD 276.887. This value is noted as an increase of 181,43% compared to the same period last year in 2020. Even so, the nominal amount of the export was still less than expected. It is because the Spanish were choosing to export from France, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

To sum up, The release ceremony of natural coconut sugar export to Spain was a great opportunity for Realsa Natural. We hope to engage with government programs. Certainly, Realsa Natural will keep and increase the quality standard of our product to comply with customers’ satisfaction.

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