Discover the Sweetness in Indonesia’s Traditional Snacks

Coconut Sugar is most likely the key ingredient of Indonesian dish. Indonesia’s traditional snacks become a big hit with food lovers in many countries all over the world. But one special thing about Indonesian snacks is their uniqueness and original taste. They have been dubbed as “traditional snacks that cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world!”. Some of you may have tried Indonesian traditional snacks, if you haven’t tried them and someday you want to try them don’t be surprised when you taste something sweet with coconut sugar. Also you can find and grab your own coconut sugar stocks easily, here.

The History of Coconut Sugar

Since the Majapahit era, locals have used coconut sugar as a sweetener. It has a deep, caramel-like taste that is both sweet and subtle. That’s why Indonesian’s traditional snacks that use coconut sugar mostly have a strong taste. Coconut sugar also contains essential minerals like iron, zinc, and etc which is why Indonesian’s ancestors have strong body immune. Back then traditional snacks that use coconut sugar are often served in special occasions such as weddings and religious festivals. Most of them are joyful occasions because the taste of coconut sugar expresses people’s happiness.

How to Make Coconut Sugar Block

The process of making coconut sugar in a traditional and modern way are mostly still the same, The difference it’s just in the utilities that are used. I’ll tell you how to make coconut sugar in a traditional way, it starts with harvesting the sap from the trunk of the coconut tree. After that, the sap is filtered to remove any impurities. Then it is cooked until it curdles and thickens. Finally, it is molded with bamboo into blocks or cones.

Traditional Snacks with Coconut Sugar

Traditional snacks that use coconut sugar are usually very easy to make for example klepon, putu cake, cenil, combro, and many more. Klepon is a rice cake ball filled with molten coconut sugar, if you want to know how to make it click here. We will give you a lot more traditional snacks recipe in the future. Coconut sugar is not only an essential ingredient for traditional snacks but also for other Indonesian delicacies such as cakes, biscuits, and drinks.

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