Sustaining First-rate Quality Organic Coconut Sugar

Sustaining First-rate Quality Organic Coconut Sugar

We believe it takes more than just a product to make a great brand. It needs “heart” to make an excellent local product, it has a traditional touch in every good that we produce. Being one of the leading organic coconut sugar producers convinces us to enhance and upgrade our quality. We put our dedication, hard work, and sincere love into every grain and drop of our products.

Quality, Organic, and Traceability

Since the world has grown increasingly concerned about food safety, we commit to maintaining our products’ quality, especially our best-seller product, organic coconut sugar. In line with product quality, we maintain the organic of our products by always having organic certification annually. We had our annual organic audit on 3-5 October this year. The audit finished without any non-compliance (NC) at all. It shows that we have great traceability of our products. It also means you do not need to fret about the organic products that you purchased from us. 

Food Safety Guarantee

Besides sustaining organic things, we also maintain food safety in our activities, warehouse, and products. Recently, we had a food safety audit that took place in our warehouse on 26-29 September. It guarantees the quality of our food safety system. It helps us to validate that our products, employees, and production warehouse are applying international standards of food safety in handling and producing our products. 

Certified & Well-Trained Employee 

Not only products, but we are also concerned about our team. We want to make sure that our team is all well-trained and professionally certified in their fields. We commit to sustaining our quality at work. Thus, we highly support our team to learn and improve skills, knowledge, and experiences. Our team helps local farmers increase productivity, deal with pests, and increase a sustainable solution to revolutionize the way the world eats. We are glad and excited to grow together with our team, farmers, and the local community. We have a huge hope to nourish people and the planet. Every product that you purchase from us means a lot to us and gives life to our hopes.

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