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Coconut sugar is recognized as a healthy replacement of refined sugar and is the most sustainable sugar to produce. Coconut sugar is believed has more benefit compared to other natural and artificial sugars, as the coconut sugar is low in GI and contains macro and micro-nutrients. Some people call coconut sugar as a palm sugar but in fact, it is specifically derived from the sap of coconut flower. Although Westerns have just known coconut sugar for about a decade, South and Southeast Asians, have known coconut sugar for a long time and it’s their staple sweetener in their dish, especially in their dessert.  

Coconut Sugar Production 

Coconut sugar is made from simple process of heating up and evaporation of neera from coconut flower. Here in Realsa Natural, we collaborate with hundreds of local farmers in Banyumas, Central Java to create the finest and tastiest coconut sugar. The process of coconut sugar making is simple yet only experienced able to create such fine and pure coconut sugar.

Our high-quality coconut sugar crafted traditionally start from harvesting the neera or sap of coconut flower. Next step of coconut sugar making, neera is filtered and evaporated by heating it up. The neera will thicken and it will be cooled down. Then it is crystalized manually by the farmer so it becomes granular in shape. Right after that, it will be sun-dried and packed, ready to send to Realsa Natural facility for further processing. In the facility, coconut sugar will be sorted to make sure there is no physical contaminant. After being sorted, coconut sugar is dried up using oven until our standard is reached. Next process is sieving process. After sieved, Realsa Natural coconut sugar is processed using metal detector and then packed. Finishing goods, our finest coconut sugar, then is stored inside our warehouse.  

Coconut Sugar Taste and Flavor 

Coconut sugar has color of light brown to brown. It also has mild caramel flavour. As for its consistency, coconut sugar has slightly of brown sugar’s consistency. Even so there so many misunderstandings about coconut sugar and brown sugar because their similar physical appearance. Coconut sugar has its own unique flavor and aroma that brown sugar does not have. It has mild caramel aroma with slight nutty aroma from coconut that no other sugars have. For its solubility, coconut sugar is easy to blend with, which means a less work in baking.  

Nutrition Fact and Benefit 

Coconut sap contain various nutrition, ranged from macro to micro-nutrients. It is a rich source of potassium, magnesium, zinc and iron. In addition to this it contains Vitamin B1, B2, B3 and B6. When compared to brown sugar, Coconut sugar has twice the iron, four times the magnesium and over 10 times the amount of zinc. Our coconut sugar is unfiltered, unbleached and preservative free. Coconut Sugar is made from 100% coconut nectar rich in various vitamins, including twelve of the essential vitamin B complex.

Coconut sugar also reported contain high inositol, sometimes referred to as vitamin B8. Inositol is required by the body for the formation of healthy cells. A lack of Inositol may lead to depression, anxiety, OCD and other psychological disorders that respond to serotonin uptake inhibitors. Healthy levels of Inositol help you avoid the moody blues! To add more, coconut sugar also reported that it contains inulin, a fiber which linked to low risk of blood sugar spikes. 

In a spoonful of Realsa Coconut Sugar contains 

  • 15 calories 
  • 0 grams of protein 
  • 0 grams of fat 
  • 3.7 grams of carbohydrates 
  • 3.5 grams of sugar 

Culinary Use 

Coconut sugar is a perfect replacement for cane sugar with a ratio 1:1 to refined sugar. Hence, coconut sugar can be directly poured to your drink or your food. Coconut sugar is easily to dissolve into liquid will make you easier to apply it to your batter while cooking or baking. Check out our recipes using Realsa Coconut Sugar  

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